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AC Repair Services Include:

  • HVAC Service and Installation
  • Energy Efficient Systems
  • Air Conditioning Repairs (all makes and models)
  • Smart Programmable Thermostats (compatible with smart phones)
  • 7 Days a Week – Emergency Service Available
  • Air Conditioning units from Lennox and Amana Brands
  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Garage Heaters
  • Mini-Split Systems

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Furnace repair and hvac repair:
  • HVAC Repair Lafayette
  • HVAC Repair New lberia
  • HVAC Repair Broussard
How To Prevent Air Conditioning Breakdowns
With the red hot Louisiana summers, air conditioners have become the need of today. But it is natural to see most of the air conditioning breakdowns when you need your cooling system the most. In order to avoid such a situation, take precautions to help prevent Air Conditioning Breakdowns:
1. Maintain the right temperature:
Yes, maintaining the right temperature not only prevents air conditioning breakdown, but is also an effective measure to bring down the cost of increasing electricity bills. This is because air conditioners work on internal air. During the cooling process the ac system cools your indoor air by passing it through the evaporator coil and displacing it back into the room. The greater the difference between the desired temperature and indoor temperature, the longer the compressor would need to run. Maintaining just the right temperature can reduce the load on the compressor, ensuring a longer working life of the air conditioner.
2. Keep Your Filter Clean:
Don’t use the air conditioner while the filer is dirty. The dirt in the filter will make it harder for your system to cool down. Make it a practice to clean the air conditioner filters often.
3. Check For Signs Of Water Leaks:
Regularly check your air conditioner for any leakage of the filter. Remember, disturbed drain lines can lead to the breakdown of your air conditioner in no time. In case you find any leakage, immediately call for ac repair services in Lafayette La.
4. Clean The Outside Air Conditioning Unit:

Both the inside and the outside units of an air conditioner are important. Since the outside unit carries the heat travelling from inside to outside, if dirt gets accumulated on it, it can hinder the effectiveness of the compressor. In case you aren’t sure of the air conditioning repair, call the professionals at Tim’s and schedule a maintenance check for your ac unit.

Get professional preventative maintenance

Professional maintenance is the key for a healthy functioning air conditioning system. Just like everything else, every air conditioner needs a professional. Preventive maintenance helps resolve any issue without worrying for the unwanted problem as well as cost. We have several programs to choose from that will fit your budget!

5. Don’t overwork your system
The more your air conditioner works, the more will it be exposed to overheating and breaking down! Never directly turn off your air conditioner. If you are going out of town for several days set it to a higher temp in order to not overwork it when you get back.
Call Tim’s for all your air conditioning repair, please free to get in touch with us. We do all types of Air Conditioning Repairs in Lafayette and Acadiana areas (all makes and models)!